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Laura Ingraham’s Trump Interview Showcases Trump’s Symptoms of Mental Illness

By now, most everyone has seen the excerpts of Laura Ingraham’s interview with the Ol’ Pussy Grabber on Fox News on 31 August. There have been numerous articles in the mainstream media listing all of the “bizarre” and “disturbing” things the Ol’ Pussy Grabber said. Here’s an example from The Guardian, Five Bizarre Things. And, one from Vox, Trump Went Full Authoritarian in his Latest Fox News Interview. This post will go off of the beaten path and ID the comments that are symptomatic of his mental illnesses, but first, let’s review the usual suspects:

  • The roving antifa thugs led by Barnabas Collins, I’m sure. They’re dressed in black and flying commercial all around the country to terrorize suburban housewives and control the streets and Joe Biden. He’ll tell us about it someday and maybe the first hand witness will agree to be identified. Hold your breath now please.
  • The po-po golfing Jacob Blake in the back instead of chokeholding him or some damn thing. From the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s telling, they got him with a three-foot put.
  • All the stupid and incompetent people that make him go all mean girl on them. The usual excuse of every abuser: I wouldn’t hit ya, if you didn’t make me mad. Something that many a suburban housewife knows all too well.

Just as a brief reminder: We here at Ye Olde Blogge have diagnosed the Ol’ Pussy Grabber as an unproductive malignant narcissistic personality disorder. Unproductive because he lacks the executive functioning to moderate his emotions, plan, reason, or execute a plan. Malignant because he enjoys the pain of others up to and including the 185,000+ deaths that he has caused and the suffering of all those inflicted with #COVID19. And narcissistic personality disorder because of textbook example. Just checkout these past posts explaining his executive dysfunction, his malignant sadism (redundant, I know), and narcissism.

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If you have the stomach for it, here’s the full video. You can wade through the cray-cray spewing from his every orifice for yourself, or you can just trust me and the editors and journalists out there and not torture yourself further with the utterances of this very model of a modern unstable idiot to paraphrase the Caricature-in-Chief himself.

Executive Dysfunction

One of the things that you see in the interview is just the insane number of lies that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber tells. Science fact, he is the most prolific liar in the entire country if not the world or the history of human kind. One of the things that explains his lying is his executive dysfunction. He cannot manage his emotion or impulses nor can he reason clearly or develop or follow a plan. He strings together words like your phone’s autosuggest function does. The result is that he blurts whatever he is thinking


Blurting is the cognitive tendency to say whatever is associated with what is going on at the time. If he thinks it, it is coming out of his mouth. He has no filter and it results in his projection of his own misdeeds and mental health symptoms onto everyone else.

A good case in point: somewhere around the six minute mark, for those of you watching at home, Ingraham plays the part of the Biden speech in which Biden calls him weak for not telling his followers to quit being violent. The Ol’ Pussy Grabber immediately calls Biden weak but offers no explanation as to why he might think so. Biden called the Ol’ Pussy Grabber weak and backed it up, weak is on the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s mind, so it comes out of his mouth whether he has anything else to say about it or not. That’s blurting. That’s the result of executive dysfunction.


Another example of executive dysfunction is rambling. And, in the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s case, he rambles his way into more lies.

Start Early, End Late

One beaut that I’m sure you’ll appreciate is his statement that he “starts early in the morning and ends late at night and that’s what you have to do as president.” It is a well known fact that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber has spent nearly a year on the links since 2016 and has a blank page for a calendar. Most people look older when they leave the office, not Silent Cal Coolidge and the Ol’ Pussy Grabber doesn’t look any different than the day he descended the escalator talking about Mexican rapists.

Conspiracy Theories

Ingraham tries to stop him from trotting out the tired trope of people paying protesters, and in this case, the folks tearing down statues. He asserts that the people who tore down Confederate statues were paid to do so. He has to talk over Ingraham as she tries to stop him to make the point that the protesters will turn on the people paying them and eventually kill them (11:55)!

He is so out of touch with reality that he cannot recognize an irrational conspiracy theory when he hears one, and he just firehoses Ingraham and anyone else who tries to correct him with a torrent of BS.


Self-soothing is the ability to calm yourself when your emotions begin to become agitated and angst ridden. The Ol’ Pussy Grabber lies to sooth his anxiety and to recover from his narcissistic wounds.

One of the best examples is around ten minutes in when he claims that he called the Governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, and urges him to call out the national guard maintaining that Evers was reluctant to do so. Complete fabrication. He tells it to help him seem more insightful and decisive than he is because he fears seeming weak and small.

The protests in the streets are a narcissistic wound — the injury that results when the narcissist perceives that his delusional facade of perfection has been pierced — because they are an undeniable vociferous rejection of him that he cannot stop or control. Because they threaten to expose him as the charlatan that he is, they must be crushed completely, utterly destroyed. Ergo, Portland.


The discussion of #COVID19 and New York is incredibly unhinged with these unchallenged unbelievable claims:

  • If you take New York out of the equation, we have the best numbers in the world:
    • 189,964 deaths nationwide as of this writing (867,374 worldwide)
    • 33,052 deaths in NY. Presto mathio 166,912 nationwide
    • The next closest nation deathwise, Brazil, 123,899 — we’re still worse
    • A claim driven purely by narcissism. Not even close to the reality.
  • I gave Cuomo more than he asked for. Do you remember the incredible fight over PPE and ventilators? How could they need thousands of ventilators? They don’t need all those ventilators!
  • He’s [Cuomo] has killed eleven thousand people with bad decisions on nursing homes. There’s the glass pot calling the kettle orange.
  • New York is the number state in the country for death probably the whole world. It still has more deaths than any other state, but the US is the number one country in the world for deaths. I don’t know what he’s talking about here, do you?
  • We had empty cupboards when I got there. He had a plan and the people, supplies, and equipment in place to deal with a pandemic.
  • You know, I never had the flu. I never had the shot. Jesus and a shot of whiskey! It ain’t about you. Who cares. The most narcissistic tangential blurt ever.
  • I’ve accomplished so much. He’ll be remembered as the liddle’ fella that killed the most real live dead Americans. There’s an accomplishment.

And the Repubes let this sick puppy remain in office….


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  1. I’m so glad I didn’t watch the interview. Working in mental health with the SMI (Seriously Mentally Ill) population, I’ve know people in deep depression and wild mania with better executive functioning (although the manics can tend to blurt), and schizophrenics with a ton more empathy (Trump does come close to Word Salad, but “Q” flat out does it.) And even when addicts lie, it is not gratuitous.

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