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A Quickie: Trump’s NARCISSISM and his Transactional View of the World Explains his Disparagement of His Generals as Beholden to War Profiteers

To defend himself against accusations of calling our military personnel suckers and losers because they didn’t paid enough to serve in the military and risk their lives in war, he attacked the officer corps. It has set off the usual tsunami of hand-wringing calls for the fainting couch while clutching their pearls by our usual suspects in the punditry. How can he say such things? He doesn’t understand the military! They don’t understand the Ol’ Pussy Grabber.

Before we get into the reasons the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is making such outlandish and fool-hearty claims, let’s watch the clip. I’ll embed it here, if you haven’t seen it already, which you have, so you won’t be playing it here, I know.

We’ll break it down in phrases, lines, and sections and interpret each one.

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber starts with an easy one, I’m not saying the military is in love with me; the SOLDIERS are…. Are you sure he isn’t gay? I mean seriously. Who doesn’t want a man in uniform to be in love with them? Hmmm? But, I digress. That’s just straight up narcissistic self-aggrandizement: Everybody loves ME! How did they miss that?

He continues, though, The top people in the Pentagon probably aren’t [in love with me] because they wanna do nothin’ but fight wars so that all that wonderful companies that make the bombs, make the planes, and make everything else stay happy. This one seemed to be particularly confusing and consternating for the pundits I’ve seen — maybe I need to be watching a better class of pundits — but, again, it is pretty darn easy. His executive dysfunction won’t allow him to think a thought without saying it. He’s thinking wars, so he’s thinking war profiteering, which he’s just told you, he’s doing. A few years ago he was all about getting out of Iran and Afghanistan, but we just haven’t ever gotten around to it. Now, you know why. Gaslighting 101, accuse your critics of doing what you’re doing.

I love his next line because it is so narcissistic personality abuser (that’s gaslighting, but they tell us in how-to-write-good-school not to repeat words; use sin o’ nymphs instead, they said), But we’re getting out of the endless wars — straight up lie because that’s what the lying liar does more than anyone else in the whole history of human kind. Now, here’s the extra little twist of that really makes the lie gaslighting, you know how we’re doing. It is that invitation to the listener to verify his lie that causes the damage to the target of his abuse, i.e. his base.

Pardon me… I’m live blogging my watching of the video… I’m sorry… You’ll have to give me a minute here… I’ve got to stop laughing… This is the part they don’t show on the pundit shows: We defeated 100% of the ISIS… caliphate — the little tease, he gives this extra long pause between the phrase, “the ISIS” and “caliphate” making you think he’s either being very agrammatical or he just doesn’t know how to refer to ISIS. Like I said, it was a cruel tease.

100%, he continues, when I was in, when I came in, it was a mess. It was all over. They have it in a certain color. All ISIS. I love the way he says, “a certain color” like no one has seen a color-coded map before. That’s narcissism for you. If he’s surprised by it, everyone is. If he didn’t know it, no one does. “Look at that,” he seems to be saying, “they have it in a certain color so you know that it is all ISIS. This part over here in another color, this part isn’t ISIS. Just this part here in a certain color is ISIS. Hunh. Not many people know that about how they color maps.” You know he’s thinking it. Gawd it must be the Pontius Pilate-Biggus Dickus scene in Life of Brian all the time everywhere he goes. You’ll watch this one, of course.

A year later, I said where is it? “It is all gone, sir, because of you, it is all gone.” Because of my philosophy but be all gone. And if you cannot see this as straight up narcissistic delusional bull shit, you really do need to watch the video because he does an Emmy award winning performance when he plays the military person who says, “It is all gone, sir, because of you…” You could hear the love, devotion, and admiration that must’ve been in that enlisted man’s — couldn’t be no officer, now, could it — voice. You could see it in his face as he portrayed the stunned young non-comm struck by the utter genius of this very model of a modern stable genius.

Why is the Ol’ Pussy Grabber disparaging his generals? Because he suspects that it was General John Kelly or someone close to him that is the source for the narcissistic wound of his suckers and losers comments. And, when a narcissist is wounded, he must destroy the source of the injury.

Really, he does. Check out what he said about General Kelly:

“He was with me, didn’t do a good job, had no temperament, and ultimately he was petered out. He got eaten alive. He was unable to handle the pressure of this job.”

You think a man who would profit off of caging children, didn’t have the temperament to work in the immorality of the WH? It got to him? He petered out? Jesus.

He was “eaten alive” and “unable to handle the pressure of this job.” Really? At the time, I thought little of John Kelly for doing the job, but I never thought he was unable to handle the pressure. Christ the man has been in combat. How could associating with the Ol’ Pussy Grabber be worse?

Because the Ol’ Pussy Grabber thinks he’s the one what spilled the beans, he’s got to be thrown under the bus along with everybody else who’s been stuffed under that damn bus over the years.

He’s a narcissist. It’s all you need to know about him. It makes him utterly predictable. No need to gnash your teeth, rend your clothes, and scrape your boils with shards of shattered pottery. See? It’s simple.

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Here’s the part where you let me know that you’re still awake! You have a choice.

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  1. His problem with the Generals is the same problem he has with “The Deep State”, with people like Mr. Mueller, and virtually everybody at the USPS – non-political career professionals who value doing their job well no matter who is in the WH or Congress, who take pride in their service – i.e. – internally motivated, socially motivated, not transaction-ally. He cannot understand such people. He can’t believe they are not pursuing a hidden agenda in competition with him, or he has to see them as suckers who don’t get how the world really works. What he does not understand, he fears and must attack or dismiss.

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    • Howdy Bob!

      His lack of understanding of how human beings work makes him wholly unsuited for holding office. I am astonished and disheartened that his mental illness doesn’t get more emphasis in the press and that the GOP has let this situation continue for as long as it has.

      One thing is for sure, the GOP will use criticisms of Trump to attack Biden and other Democratic presidents. The legacy of Trump will linger for a long long time.


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      • If Trump does lose this election, it is likely that he will spend the rest of his life (hopefully in prison) in the delusion that he is still the rightful President.

        Yes, the GOP will continue to project Trump’s flaws on Democrats.

        Liked by 1 person

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