The Unproductive Malignant Narcissist WATCH: Purging the WH, edition

So, supposedly some senior White House advisor penned an op-ed and got it published in the NEW YORK TIMES! Now, we’re all wringing our hands and wiping the drool off our chins speculating about who it is and what his or her motivations were.

Aside from the pure BS of the op-ed trying to claim their resistance credentials — perhaps the end is nigh, and the staff is trying save themselves from the sinking ship. Or, it could’ve been written by a Chinese or Russian espionage agent.

Now the WH has devolved from its usual incompetent ineffective back-stabbing fest to a wholesale blood bath as staffers try to push each other under the Ol’ Pussy Grabbers volcanic quaking rage-fueled bus.

Isn’t that exactly what the Iranians, North Koreans, Chinese, Russians want? Why wouldn’t it be someone seeking to manipulate the Ol’ Pussy Grabber and his White House into just such a state of paralysis.

This is the danger of having an unproductive malignant narcissistic personality disorder paying pee-hookers to piss on the Resolute Desk, Mother Pence, and American values. He is easily manipulated by inflicting a narcissistic wound on him.

The narcissistic wound is any event that threatens to unmask the narcissist as being less than perfect. This op-ed did just that. And, the reaction is predictable: raging sputtering spittle inflected bandy-legged storming about hands in the air mouth agape panting and eyes rolling.

Now, he’s conducting his own witch hunt to find the culprit. How many WH staffers are going to be purged to ensure that they get the guilty party? Now, he’s going after DoJ and Jeff Sessions from another angle to use the full apparatus of the federal government to root out the culprit. He is almost literally tearing his administration apart because of it.

All I can say is that the DC pee hookers should start hydrating and isn’t this exactly what an enemy of the US would want?

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  1. It was many years ago that I read “Propaganda” by Jacques Ellul as the primary text in a course titled “The Manipulation Of Ethnic And Racial Minorities”. That book imprinted in me the question that must always be asked of any propaganda (which includes virtually all political and most commercial speech): Who said what to whom and why?

    In the case of the Anonymous Op-Ed piece, we don’t know the Who, the To Whom, or the Why (or, why now). As for the What, we have yet another version of “It’s so much worse than you know.”, with a lack of the details of what has been intervened upon by whom and how that could reveal the writer’s identity.

    The writer claiming to be part of “The Resistance” is ludicrous. That person (assuming that he/she is not an impostor) is there, working in that administration in service of the radical conservative agenda or some large part of it. The claimed interventions are intended to protect that agenda. That person is not doing those things to undermine the Boss, but to prevent the catastrophic mistakes that would blow the deal. The task, as we have heard repeatedly (with the persons quoted denying they said any such thing) is babysitting, keeping the tantrum pitching toddler from burning down the house.

    As for the enemies of the United States, I think they don’t need that Op-Ed sending Trump into a frenzy to accomplish their goals. They already have DJT in the Oval Office being what he is.

    If this is part of setting the stage for an action under Amendment 25, that action will have to wait until after the election. The GOP can’t risk loosing Trump’s base.

    As for the idea that the writer is an agent of some foreign power, I think that if so, it is their mole in the White House.

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