A Quickie: The Long-Game of the GOP Crying Voter Fraud!

The punditry seems to think that in the long-term the Repubes supporting the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s claims of voter fraud and conspiracy against his election will bite them in the ass. It won’t. Here’s why.

Back in ’80’s there was a concerted effort by the GOP to paint EVERY politician as lying, self-serving, dishonest, corrupt people. They did it to (a) blunt any accusations of being lying, self-serving, dishonest, or corrupt and (b) to bolster their accusations of Dems being lying, self-serving, dishonest, or corrupt. And, you know what? It worked.

There has always been the “joke” that all politicians were liars and corrupt kinda like the “joke” about lawyers not being trustworthy. But, it was always seen as a joke and when push came to shove, we believed our politicians and lawyers unless there was ample evidence not to.

Now, though, people routinely don’t believe politicians. People act as if believing a politician is a choice and dependent on the advantage that it gives in the sports-like contest between conservative and liberal.

It is the same thing here. Sure, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s accusations of voter fraud and extensive international conspiracy to deny him his delusional landslide victory because what else explains the favoritest president in the history of the country losing an election, hunh? Riddle me that, would ya?

The Repubes all know this. But, what it does is it inoculates them from accusations of conspiring to steal an election in the future. They’ll be saying that the Dems are just being sore losers and paying them back for their legitimate but ultimately unprovable accusations in 2020.

It makes any and all future accusations of voter fraud and conspiring to steal an election as unbelievable and unacceptable as those being made today by the Ol’ Pussy Grabber. It reduces the acceptance of the outcome of elections to the same sports-like contest of being determined by which side it advantages.

Yes, pundits, it will undermine the integrity and believability of our elections, but that is exactly what the Repubes want. They want the outcome of elections to be a matter of public opinion, which is manipulable, and not based on actual voters, counting of votes, and the governance of law.

Our democracy is in real trouble here. The Republican Party is working hard to undermine our democracy to install single-party pseudo-democratic minority rule. With the help of 73 million+ voters, they are almost there.

Image Attribution

“Trump Urges Felony Voter Fraud” by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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  1. And, in the end, if everybody is lying and rigging, and stealing, why bother to try to sort them out and actually vote unless you are part of a gaslit base appealed to by the most violent and radical and angry candidates in the primary which becomes so full of grievance and void of information and policy that sensible folk want nothing to do with the process? Since they are all completely rotten, vote for the one who put on the best show.

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