Meme: Too Late Now

If you didn’t vote, it’s a little late now to be trying to “rise up as a people” or to make your voice heard. We vote. That’s when we rise up as a people. We vote. That’s when we make our voices heard.


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  1. Actually I disagree. What you said is only partially correct. Yes, we voted. And the person with the most votes lost. Since we still have an archaic system with the electoral college, which was created to protect us from people like Trump,it failed us. It was designed for a country of 13 colonies, not the massive country that we have now. So just voting failed. It also failed when we allowed the media to dumb down interviews and let every ridiculous comment Donald Trump said slide, without demanding he step down, we failed our citizens. And voting wasn’t enough.
    Voting in 2016 was not enough to combat internet lies, fake news, or hate blogs. We saw such gender discrimination that it was an absurdity! A surreal moment in history where an intelligent qualified woman had to stand next to a bumbling incompetent, beat him in every debate, win the popular vote and lose the election. FAILURE!!!! And we had to deal with a GOP that did not follow constitutional rules and even interview a Supreme Court Nominee under Obama. We faced more than just voting. The Democratic party faced obstacles that were unprecedented. And our winner of almost 3 million votes, the only candidate qualified to hold the title of President lost while still winning. NO! If voting was all it took then Hillary would be the President Elect now. Winning takes much more than voting today. There are 24 hour stations that broadcast fake news and propaganda and masses of ignorant people are fooled into voting against their own interests. There are hate crimes being committed and nobody cares or demands it stop and still Hillary WON by the voters. But she lost the election. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, I mean America, and it has more to do with than just voting. Our system is broken. And the next four years may just take away our right to vote or our right to blog. Freedom in this country is at stake and again I remind you, the candidate WITH the greatest amount of VOTES did not win.


    • Howdy Lesley!

      Another great comment! Very thought provoking. I agree the system failed. The GOP actually nominated the PG. And he won without a plurality of votes. However, only 52% of eligible voters voted with large segments of the liberal base sitting this one out especially in those battleground states. How many of those people are now “in the streets” attempting to “rise up as one people” to “make their voice heard” now? The time for all of that was when we voted.

      If you think that the electoral college is the problem — and it is — then that should become a political issue that we all have a duty to push. The electoral college can and should become a target of protest because that is where we can “rise up as one people” and “make our voices heard” through protest and move the political agenda.


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    • Howdy Usfman!

      Voting, even in those districts, will do more than marching in the streets and writing angry articles and tweets and Facebook posts will. When I read that people should rise up, I think, we did, we voted. We continually discount our franchise when it is the single most important way of influencing the government.



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