Whaz Up!?! Trypanophobia, Omicron, and the Week’s News

Howdy y’all!

It’s been a surprisingly busy week. So, busy, in fact, that I didn’t have time to work on posts. How’s that even fair? Anywho, here’s the news from around Ye Olde Blogge

  • Trypanophobia: La Petite Fille has a fear of needles and has been increasingly difficult to get vaccinated. She was only five when we moved to Africa, so we could hold her down and given her her yellow fever vaccine. Now that she’s sixteen, we’re a little reluctant to do that. Luckily, modern medicine has a solution and even more luckily we found a doctor willing to work with us in implementing it. I’ll let you know how dosing her with anti-anxiety medication goes. Keep your fingers crossed.
  • Omicron: Oh man, leave it to sCiEnTiSts to ruin eVeRyThInG. The last #COVID19 variant of any note was the mu variant, so logically, the next variant of note should be nu, right? So, what do the scientists do? They name it omicron. Omi-freaking-cron! Just when I had the greatest joke ready to go viral on Twitter:
Now that’s funny, right? Right?
  • Spam: Just when you thought it was safe to dive back into the Ye Olde Spamme File, you find like twenty of pieces of this detritus stinking up the place! Can you believe it? They are spamming Ye Olde Blogge with offers of hydroxychloroquine? Obviously, they’ve never read the posts. Wankers.


Friends of Ye Olde Blogge

  • Fall has fallen: Robert has one of his own poems on offer this week celebrating the changing of the leaves during fall in the temperate climes over at Of Cabbages and Kings.
  • Holiday Spirit: Okay, so it isn’t exactly a Festivus Feat of Strength or Airing of Grievances, but it is a genuine #JoeBidenMiracle! He actually WALKED around Nantucket — and didn’t even make a bad couplet in an equally bad limerick out of it, seriously, maybe Jen Psaki is losing her touch — buying stuff from small businesses with HIS OWN MONEY and didn’t grift anything off of the US taxpayers in the process. Thanks Tengrain for keeping us informed over on Mock Paper Scissors.
  • Well fuck: Ten Bears at Homeless on the High Desert gives us a cartoon that reminds us that when a substantial portion of a democracy no longer follow democratic rules, laws, and norms, democracy just cannot be sustained. We all have to participate in it for it work. If enough people opt out of it, democracy ceases to exist.
  • When dog whistles failed: It seems like a rarity nowadays that the inner racist of white people don’t enthusiastically respond to the racist dog whistles, but in the Burr reminds us that they did just that in the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial when the defense trotted out such lines as his long and dirty toenails and the dog whistles didn’t bring a well-hung jury home.
  • Hater Photo-Op: Now that all the racist trials are over (Rittenhouse, Charlottesville, and Arbery) we can sort out the score: 2 – 1. I suppose it coulda been worse. Scottie, though, points all this out in his usual deft mixture of political cartoons and commentary over in his Scottie’s Toy Box.

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  1. Thanks Jack. I found it elsewhere, Bob, this time Scotties’ Toy Box but I’ve posted it before linking to the source: Alas, A Blog. It’s one of those things that just can’t be said enough. That some of us have been saying it for a long time is, I suppose, beside the point, moot in the generally accepted vernacular, a boondoggle: waste of time and air. And the signature block is both prominent and unique.

    For the record: cantons. A world of cantons. One world government, bio-regional cantons.

    This boundaries and borders and nation/state bullshit is gonna’ get us all killed …

    Liked by 1 person

    • Howdy Ten!

      You know how the Internet is. Nothing is ever really new. It just bounces around from site to site and person to person. I suppose it’s popular because it puts it well and those of us who have been making the same point appreciate it’s articulation and succinctness. I know I do.

      If my Southern family is correct, it’s the boundaries and borders that matter, not the national boundaries. As I recall, I had an uncle who would complain about how them folk over to Polk County were the worst and weren’t doing it right never trust ’em. Anything that makes an us and a them will kill us all eventually.



    • Howdy Bob!

      The joy of living in a developing country: we get her doped up and take her down to the vaccination center, only to be told not today come back tomorrow. Now it’s a day off work and another round of doping. But, the good news: she seems like she’s doped up enough to tolerate the vaccination.


      Liked by 1 person

        • Howdy Bob!

          We can all marvel at the medical miracle of the vaccines, even though she only got the dubious SinoVac, and the anti-anxiety meds that knocked her out enough to allow it to happen. I knew we were there when we were sitting in this god awful small room watching frightened children get the vaccine on a stage! A stage for cripe’s sake! Ma Petite Fille mumbled, I’m hardly even aware of my surroundings. Then as a girl of about seven started to have a meltdown a la Ma Petite Fille, I could see her breathing start to shorten, so I just increased the intensity of our conversation. She scowled long after the needle went in and didn’t wince at all.

          Easiest vaccination yet.


          Liked by 1 person

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