Happy First Contact Day

On 5 April 2063 — that’s right, in forty-one years — humankind will achieve warp speed and make first contact with Vulcans. That’s First Contact Day.

Maybe it’s a preniversary? Futuruversary? Anywho, for the diehard Trekkie, it’s at least a minor holiday, and one that, you know, you can use to pick up chicks because chicks love Trekkies and Star Trek trivia. Seriously, they do.

True story. In 2014, we stayed in London for the summer. We dined at the Borough Market and sitting at the table behind us was Brent Spiner and his family. The funny thing is, we made eye contact, but I couldn’t think of who he was. He looked familiar. I knew he was famous. He looked like he was ready to be recognized… even wanted to be recognized, but I couldn’t get there.

Enjoy First Contact Day this year and every year.

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  1. That had to be awkward, not quite a contact, so at least a close encounter. It is kind of disappointing that we keep catching up with these significant fictional dates and falling short of the grand even, 2001 being one of them, although, 1984 could be counted a a relief, at least for a while.

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    • It seemed so far away in 1996! Now, there’s a slim possibility that I could live to see it.

      I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda glad we missed the 2001 benchmark, too. I forget the dates of Terminator. Glad we’ve missed that one… or will we?


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      • As with all such predictions and fictions with dates, we just have to wait and see. At least where Terminator is concerned, the internet has not yet achieved independent consciousness.

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        • I do put a lot of stock in human ingenuity when it comes to our machine overlords. We are a creative lot. We usually solve our problems. If our climate disaster doesn’t kill us, robots and AI should be a solvable problem.


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            • I guess the good news in the IPCC report is that economics is on the side of decarbonization, but the fossil fuel industry isn’t following economics. They’re following their short term interest. There’s little sign that they and their politicians can be dissuaded, too.


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              • No, not much sign at all, even with the entire automotive industry making clear that they are dumping the fuel burners as fast as they can. I think there may be some shift once the truckers can get electric rigs with the range and fast charging they need. They will love the lower maintenance costs and the power of the electric flat torque curve on starts and hills. Some of them might even vote against those oil politicians.

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