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How do you cope with your favorite drunk rage uncle during Fesitivus?

Coping with your MAGA Relatives during the Festivus Season

Reading time: 5 minutes
Festivus is fast approaching and we’ve all got to get through the Airing of Grievances and the Feats of Strength without actually coming to blows with our MAGA relatives. Luckily, Ye Olde Blogge is here with some timely advice on how to cope with your favorite drunk rage uncle.

What are the lessons we can learn about our current pandemic and stolen election hysterias from the Witch Hysterias of Medieval Europe?

The Medieval Witch Hysteria Teaches About Today’s Pandemic and Stolen Election Hysterias

Reading time: 6 minutes
We’re seeing MAGA Nation acting crazier and crazier with them taking ivermectin, avoiding the ICU’s, and nebulizing hydrogen peroxide to treat #COVID19 and even though the AZ fraudit found the election to be legitimate, they still believe it had fraud and the election was stolen. What’s the end game here? What do other hysterias have to teach us about how this one will end?


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