Whaz Up?!? Monday 20 June 2021

Howdy y’all!

Happy Father’s Day!

We’ll celebrate with a dad joke that I read on Twitter (sung to the tune of That’s Amore!) Here’s Dean Martin from Youtube in case you’ve forgotten the tune or you just haven’t had enough video on blogs to ignore lately since we all know no one watches them because buffering.

When an eel bites your thigh in the middle of the night, that’s a moray!

That’s a good one. Feel free to put your own dad jokes in the comments to commenterate the occassion! Ha ha! See what I did there, commenterate instead of commemorate? Pretty funny, hunh? Sometimes I just crack myself up.

Happy Juneteenth, y’all!

That’s right, Ol’ Handsome Joe Biden and the Democratic Congress — that’s the name of my new punk band — has gone and made Juneteenth federal holiday. Forty-nine of the fifty states and Washington DC already have some official recognition of the day with South Dakota is the only exception. Maybe they’ll be shamed into doing sumthin official, too. Probably not since the GQP seems immuned to shame.

Only nine have made it an official paid state holiday (Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Virginia and Washington). More than likely, the GQP response will be mass cancelling of any state recognition of the day since any association with a Democratic thing is bad even though the Ol’ Pussy Grabber has credited himself with having made Juneteenth even a thing. Stop laughing. He did.

The state of making Juneteenth a paid state holiday is complicated. You can read a good summary of it in this AP article, Declaration of Juneteenth holiday sparks scramble in states. Personally, I liked Ms Opal Lee’s idea of celebrating from 19 June to 4 July because it seems to span the issues that the country faces in creating a more perfect union.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Juneteenth as a national holiday, so leave them in the comments!

Otherwise, my free times continues to be free even though the missus is leaving for a month on a top secret mission else where in the world, we’re moving apartments, and I’ve got to begin preparing for new classes to begin in August. So many things going on. But, I’m back to my eratic yet frequent-ish posting schedule. In addition to everything else, I’m now writing at a new website, Politicsrus. You should check it out. Be sure to tell ’em that Ye Olde Blogge sent you!

But the most exciting thing to hit Ye Olde Blogge this week was this Twitter thread by Jennifer Mercieca, award winning historian of American political rhetoric and rhetorical analysis. It uses the word amygdala a lot, so it’s right up Ye Olde Blogge’s alley, so check it out, too.


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Image Attribution

“Juneteenth Order: Freedom for Texas Slaves” by Houston Museum of Natural Science is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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