Indulge the Schadenfreude of Trump’s Arrest

While cooler heads advise that we not politicize Trump’s arraignment on criminal charges — a whooping 34 felonies! — it is hard not to rejoice — is that really politicizing it? Really? After all this is that asshole who led thousands in chants of lock her up during the 2016 campaign and beyond, who promised to bring charges against Clinton and others (luckily, he didn’t), and has blatantly, openly, and wantonly violated the law.

You wouldn’t be human if you weren’t happy that the smug narcissistic jerk is finally get a smidgeon of the comeuppance he so richly deserves. You wouldn’t be human if you weren’t sharing your happiness and relief with someone.

We’ve been on the receiving end of MAGA trolls pwning the libs for so long that, fuck their feelings, let’s dance in the fucking streets! Maybe now, the insular self-absorbed world of MAGAdom will finally begin to wake up and smell the cesspool they’ve been swimming in.

Also, of all of the cases against Trump, this one seems a bit shaky and may not pan out, so celebrate it while it is still here.

But after you’ve wished everyone and their monkey a Merry Arrestmas! Laughed, sniggered, and giggled over indicatement. Looked at all of the photos of Trump being arraigned. And, yes, rubbed some MAGA face in the Trump poop on the floor, remember the fight for our democracy is not over.

We still have lots of work to do to protect ourselves from the forces of fascism. For every indicatement and arraignment of Trump, there is another Trump crime that will not be investigated or charged. For every victory of liberal politicians like the state supreme court judge in Wisconsin and the mayor of Chicago, there will be a Ron HerrSantis passing six-week abortion bans , a Tennessee state legislature expelling members who champion gun safety, and a single non-parent that challenges a hundred books in your child’s school library.

To paraphrase Churchill:

“We shall fight in the Presidential race, we shall fight in the Congressional and state-wide races, we shall fight in the state legislative races, we shall fight in the school boards. We shall never surrender!”

Make no mistake, the Republicans are coming for our federal republic. They want to decide who wins elections and who is making the decisions, no matter how unpopular they are. We still have plenty to be fighting for. Luckily, since 2016, the sleeping giant of the liberal coalition (Black women, Hispanics, Asians, university students, college grads, just enough white women and Black men, and whatever leftover white male liberals who aren’t seduced by the racist siren song this time out) has awakened and has won just enough elections to keep them at bay. The key phrase there is just enough.

Celebrate today, for tomorrow we may all be living in the Republican Dystopia.

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  1. I do try to separate what a person is from what a person does. I seldom really succeed.
    So I try to say a prayer for mr Trump.

    It is an infrequent, very soft, extremely tiny, brief prayer.
    And I apologize for the fact that it is less than sincere.

    Sorry about that, Lord.

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    • Howdy Burr!

      I occasionally say a prayer for Trump, too. I even wrote a post about back when he had #COVID19. I prayed that the good Lord treat him exactly the same as every other person responsible for over a million deaths and countless suffering. I hope my prayers are answered and help.


      PS I can’t imagine that God doesn’t get it.


  2. I gotta’ admit to a certain primal rage, a berserkang, at the mere mention.

    I noted recently my daily PT’s ~ physical training ~ walking nmiles doing Mai Chi, pushups pullups and walking jacks with a quarter of my body weight are an awful lot like what they taught me in the Army fifty years ago. I’m in as good a shape as I was when I came down out of the woods a half a lifetime ago.

    Just because we don’t want it doesn’t mean violence won’t happen.

    I’ve written a few times about how I think we, my generation (though I’m actually about a half-generation behind) dropped the ball. We were gonna’ change the world, and then we didn’t. Nixon quit and we cut our hair, finished our law (and business) degrees and bought BMWs and McMansions on the Hill. Maybe it’s on us to pick the ball up again, before it’s too late; maybe some of us were born to carry the fight to the enemy. Put the divergent tools we’ve unwittingly, inadvertently developed to proper application.

    A fey day thought … I think I can do berserk

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    • Howdy Ten Bears!

      Our current situation is incredibly maddening. They are coming for four freedoms and rights that much is clear. However, the way to fight them is not. Right now, the ballot seems to be working. I say we stick with that… for the time being… until it stops working.

      Our generation did drop the ball. Age caught up with us. We matured. Things stopped being the black-and-white of youth and started taking on the compromising nuances of career, mortgage, and children. It’s a story as old as human kind itself. Our hope no longer lies in our generation. It lies in the youth of today. We just need to steady the ship and correct the course. We need them to do the heavy lifting.

      The funny thing is is that it is the abortion question that is likely to be the GOP Dystopian undoing, not racism or climate or democracy.



      • Maybe it’s the uniqueness of my divergence, the circumstances of my life: the (fruitloop) bastard nobody wanted, rejected, abandoned by everyone from my grandparents to my grandchildren. I am reminded of that old story about the grandpa planting trees whose shade he’ll never enjoy. I am pretty much alone in this world, and I don’t understand why I’m out here trying to save it for a bunch of rat-bastards that no more give a flying fig about me than the world I’m trying to save, or the grandchildren I’m never going to know.

        What’s the point? We’re not gonna’ make it, might as well get drunk and screw …

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        • Howdy Ten Bears!

          Well, if everybody took that attitude, there sure would be a lot more rat bastards to inherit the mess we’re leaving them.

          You know narcissism is one pole of a continuum counterbalanced by altruism. Many of us exist east of center on that scale. Altruism just might be one of the factors that make up the liberal mindset. To paraphrase Jessica Rabbit, “You can’t help it. You’re just born this way.”



  3. If there is on Earth a team of investigators and prosecutors expert and specialized in bringing winnable cases of falsification of business records and financial conspiracy and fraud, it is in the office of the District Attorney of Manhattan. The seeming weak point of the case is the connection to the federal crime being covered up. After that, it is all about the jury.

    It has occurred to me that the whole business of paying off Stormy was unnecessary, but Trump and the gang didn’t see it. The Access Hollywood tape had not happened yet and proved that Donald was scandal proof with the base. If that had come first, they could have just told her to go ahead and publish her story.

    I think it is safe to predict that Trump will be the GOP nominee next year. As long as his challengers all are afraid not to support and defend him about his legal problems, they can’t effectively attack him about anything else. And, if they don’t defend him, they are toast in the primaries. But, the national polling has 60-75% of voters not wanting him in the White House again, and many of them are in the “anybody else” category.

    What could Trump possibly do to turn that base against him? It is hard to imagine. Still, it is true that loose lips sink ships, and his lips are plenty loose.

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    • Howdy Bob!

      I’m not a lawyer, but I listen to them on podcasts and talking-head shows. And, Andrew Weissmann of the Mueller Report fame and Mary McCord have a podcast called Prosecuting Donald Trump in which they get into the weeds on the indictment and evidence and everything else that is known. They note that the accompanying crime that turns the misdemeanor falsification of business records charge into a felony because it was done to cover it up could be a misdemeanor falsification of business records charge which could be any subsequent falsification of a business record after the first one.

      The Republicans seem to be suffering from a bad case of echochamberitis in which they only listen to what they’re telling each other. They haven’t seemed to notice that the 70% of America that isn’t in their base is pretty sick and tired of all of the shenanigans and just want to get back to business as usual.

      The problem with relying on gerrymandering and voter suppression is that it all can be undone, especially through the federal courts whose judges are being appointed all of the time and state supreme courts whose judges are elected in statewide gerrymander-proof elections. I think that the GOP has reached the peak of their voter suppression and nullification strategy. I don’t think it wins them any more than they already have. Hopefully, they won’t notice for a few more election cycles.


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      • There appears to be a lot of skepticism in the commentary industry about the question in the indictment of the felony upgrade based on the coverup or expectation of another crime based on a violation of federal campaign finance rules. What they seem to be missing is that another planned crime was tax fraud under New York law for which the Trump organization has already been convicted in the same court. If the prosecution has the documents to draw a direct line between the falsified records and that specific crime, they can make the case for the felony level on at least some of the charges.

        Clearly, the GOP is suffering from their “We are the Majority of the electorate.” illusion.

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