The Effects of the Shear Volume of Mishegas Out of the White House

Man, I tell you what, you go back into the hinterland where the wifi signals are few and far between and the IT infrastructure is weak and Ma Femme is vigilant, and all hell breaks loose! I’ll say one thing for the imposter squatting in the White House, he never disappoints. Just when you think the degradation and humiliation of our country and ourselves couldn’t get any worse, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber finds a way. I guess this is what he means by winning, and, if so, he was right, I’m sick of it. Feel free to stop winning anytime you please ya Ol’ Pussy Grabber.

Abe Simpson Get off my lawn Damn kids the Simpsons

And another thing! You kids get off my lawn and start reading my blog, gaddangit! I am sick and tired of writing the same things over and over again! Here we are again being overwhelmed by contradictory information, the automatic gainsaying of whatever the other side says, out-and-out lies told with a straight-face, and more controversies, scandals, and stupid fucking shit than this old curmudgeon can shake a stick at!

I’ve told you kids about this before in Healthcare, Taxes, and How We Deal With Complexity. I just re-read it; it’s a good article. It is well written, clear, and humorous. Why the fuck didn’t that fix this problem already even? It weren’t that long ago! It was 17 March for crying out loud! Ain’t that the point of being a blogger that every freaking article you write will fix the world forever? If it ain’t, why am I doing this?

Information Overkill: Trump-Russia Scandal

Information overload is one thing, weaponized information overload will kill ya. And that’s what the Ol’ Pussy Grabber has done. He’s literally bludgeoning the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid to death with information overload… and some of those stupid sumbitches are enjoying themselves believing they is being led to the promised land!

Specifically, we’re talking the Trump-Russia scandal, healthcare, emoluments, and dismantling the federal government by not appointing people to key positions and appointing people to other positions who want to destroy their agencies. But, let’s just focus on Trump-Russia, shall we?

The right good Daniel Kahneman assures us that when people encounter a problem, they make an unconscious fundamental assessment: is this a problem I am likely to be able to solve? If the problem is too easy, then you get bored and drop it. If it is too hard, then you get frustrated and drop it. If it is just right (the Goldilocks Rule, if you will), then you’ll tackle it. Trump-Russia not only seems too hard to solve, it is too difficult to succinctly describe it in words!

The Timelines

Here’s the highly esteemed Rachel Maddow Show‘s run down of the Trump-Russia conflagration that is about to consume us body and soul. Watch it just for the shear mind-numbing repetition of it all, and ask yourself, how the fuck did we get here and why can’t this shit show get the gong and hook?

And here’s John Oliver on Sunday 2 July’s episode of Last Week Tonight  running down the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s antics since 25 June. It is overwhelming in its shear assholery.

And, if these two videos weren’t enough to convince you that (a) this is the biggest fucking zit that has ever swelled up on the face of our democracy and (b) it is fucking complex like some Mean Girls episode, then this Washington Post timeline, surely will.

Attempts at Solving the Problem

flamethrower babe spraying flames
KILL IT! Kill it with fire!

Because liberals seem to see the problem of the festering slime that is infecting the White House fairly clearly, we evaluate the problem in terms of our ability to resolve it. We seem to come away with: fuck no, no fucking way we can solve this! The only solution is to KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!

It’s not like we haven’t tried. We’ve done everything we can do in this immediate gratification, Google it on your smartphone, 140-character age, right? Check it out:

We protest. He remains. We call our congressional representatives and senators. He remains. We tweet. He remains. We facebook. He remains. We even make memes! Memes! The most powerful thing in the universe. And, yet, he remains.

We all know the reaction that we have to the mishegas that flows from the Ol’ Pussy Grabber nowadays: weariness. It is wearing us down. It is numbing body, soul, and mind. And, eventually, we’ll turn it off simply because we cannot take the contradictions, controversies, and scandals any more. They all seems to blur into some indistinct blob of rising sewage that you acclimate to. The stench no longer makes you retch, the cold chill no longer causes goosebumps. Just like the damsel in distress in every jungle movie, sinking in  the quicksand is just inevitable and struggling against seems futile.

Acclimate, Normalize, Simplify

Human beings have evolved to acclimate, normalize, and simplify. If it didn’t kill us, and it keeps recurring, then it must be safe. That is literally how our evaluative process evolved. Since we wake up to this continuing nightmare every fucking day, we reckon it must be safe without even realizing it… well except for all you keeners out there who cannot let go of a single issue so you’re willing to not elect Clinton because she didn’t perfectly fit your breakdown of issues including the ones you didn’t even know you had like prison labor and that heinous woman allowed convicts to work in the governor’s mansion in 1979! She shoulda known better! It is far better to have the Ol’ Pussy Grabber running roughshod over the state destroying our democracy lining his pockets and literally killing people someone who allowed convicts to be ruthlessly exploited by the state in 1979!

Mother of fucking god, we have all died and this is what hell is like. If so, I hope I reincarnate as a gerbil used in some macabre house of prostitution scrambling around strange people’s anuses or is that anie?

The Watergate Comparison

I keep seeing recurring comparisons to Watergate. And, inevitably the talking heads get some old geezer on who was actually around during Watergate…. hey, didn’t you watch the Sam Ervin led Watergate hearings on the TV? Yeah, I guess that makes me on of those old geezers, hunh?… and they remind us that it took 26 months from the time of the break in to the time of the resignation. And, that the onliest thing that got Nixon to resign was the assurance by rank-and-file Repubes in the Congress that he would be impeached not because they were so outraged by his scandalous behavior but because they were afraid they them very selves would not be re-elected over it.

Elect a Democratic Senate, House, and state government in 2018. The Great Civics Lesson continues.

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  1. Oiy!! I am beyond “over it” !!! I keep waiting for some one to make a move….any move as long as it involves getting the Orange Orangutang out of our face and into a straight jacket. and off to the booby hatch. I am beyond ” “verklempt” So now what do we do, just sit here and pray for for…….what? sigh!


    • Howdy Francese!

      Someone said of the first 100 days that his time squatting in the WH would pass in dog years. It certainly feels like it. I think we’re well past the honeymoon period in which we all had some kind of giddy excitement tinged with dread or was it dread tinged with giddy excitement? But, even that seems so long ago. I think we’re all just now starting to really realize that this is the long haul. The Repubes in Congress really aren’t going to do anything to stop it. It will take something like firing Archibald Cox to get the Repubes on board with impeachment, and, even then, they might not be game, they’ve become so craven in their naked pursuit of their agenda.

      Right now, I am numb.



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