ANNOUNCEMENT, 15 August: Call your MoC has a NEw Call to Action

Howdy y’all!

15 AUGUST: I’ve added a new issue to Call Your MoC about: Restoring the post office to its level of service before the Ol’ Pussy Grabber decided to sabotage it for his own benefit. Call your MoC TODAY!

Call Your MoC About

Mea Culpa

I love the Call Your MoC series. I love the idea of calling your MoC every week and keeping a running list of legislation that you are concerned about. It is part of being a responsible member of the electorate and participating in our democracy. It is one of the big pieces of the Great Civics Lesson that we are all enduring.

Here’s the but: it takes up too much space! I figured I could highlight five pieces of legislation every week and devote my Sundays to writing them up (more about that later). At first, I tried including them all in one post, but that produced a huge humongous very long post that discouraged people from reading it.

Then, I started making each of the targeted pieces of legislation their own individual blog post. It made nice bite-sized posts that could be quickly and easily read, but it also turned one post into five. So, the blog turned into a weekly fest of two non-legislative posts and five Call Your MoC posts. It looked like a legislation blog and not a snarky, sarcasticky, profaney blog.

Eventually, the Call Your MoC posts would cycle off of the front page and be lost behind the dreaded older posts button. So, I tried a text box in the right-hand column annotating and linking to the Call Your MoC posts, but that got so long that it pushed the post pimping boxes so far down the page that people rarely saw them or used them.

What’s a Noble Peace Prize for Blogging winning blogger to do? Well, I’m trying a page called Call Your MoC in which I do two things: (1) I link to individual pages for all of the individual pieces of legislation that I’m highlighting where you can find summaries of the legislation and scripts for calling your MoC and (2) the usual tips, other things you can do, contact information links, and link to Indivisible that you found in all of the Call Your MoC blog posts.

I’ll post a post now and again pointing readers to the Call Your MoC page, but if you’re like me and think a weekly call to your MoC is not too much to ask for from an informed involved electorate, then you’ll bookmark and check back frequently.

Let me know how it goes in the comments!

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